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In order to create the perfect environment, the air duct cleaning service is necessary for everyone. If you are looking for the professional duct cleaners services provider in Houston, Texas and nearest areas, we are the most useful one for the customer. Partner with Clean Air Houston Pro and say hello to fresh and healthy air all year long. We are more than happy to provide our customers with high-quality and professional air duct cleaning services in Houston.

Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

Cloaked under the walls of your home and most of the times ignored, the air ducts attached to your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system work almost around the clock and all throughout the year, right? However, that one thing that most of the users don’t realize is – due to constant running, the air ducts accumulate a lot of dust, allergens, debris, grime, your furry friend’s dander and so on all year long. And, even more, shocking is the figures of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), which shows that near about 40 pounds of dust is produced by an average American home PER YEAR! Can you imagine how big this amount is? Clean Air Houston Pro offers the professional air duct cleaning services in Houston and surrounding areas to the customer. If you move to the new place, it is necessary to determine the condition of the air ducts in the required place. You can access the experts that well-known in the field.

Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home. The system has taken air in and breathes air out. Family owned business with skilled and professional technicians ONLY. Our experienced staff uses the latest and most effective equipment to assure that the job gets done right. Every job is guaranteed to a level of 100% satisfaction. We treat and care for every client as a family member and every job, big to small we do with the same level of integrity. Keeping your air ducts clean is what keeps you’re air clean – simple as that.

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In these days, people face different health issues due to the dust, dirt, and debris associated with the duct. For this concern, Clean Air Houston Pro provides services throughout the world. It is extremely important for people to lead a happy life. You can choose the suitable time for the air duct cleaning services in Houston, Texas. You can see the services provided by our experts in the field. You can manage the air duct very clean in your home and office.

Clean Air Houston Pro Are Local Business Family in Houston, TX. We Licensed & Insured Air Duct Cleaning Company For All Your Residential And Commercial Repair And Maintenance Needs.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Houston

Best Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service in Houston Texas

When it comes to the commercial duct cleaning services, the business owner utilizes the cleaning process twice in a year. There are different dust particle present in the air duct. You can clean it well. We do the proper services in commercial places too. Houston, TX Clean Air Houston Pro come up with the best and skilled professional that offers the cleaning services to the commercial places. We complete the cleaning job at the required time limit. We don’t take too much time to clean the air duct. Clean Air Houston Pro manages the perfect time schedule to clean the ducts.

Water Damage Restoration Houston

Free Estimate for Water Damage Restoration in Houston, TX

The water damage has occurred unexpectedly. This is normally caused due to the disaster. You can plan for avoiding the water damages in your home during the rainy season. You can avail of the pleasant services from the Houston, TX Clean Air Houston Pro. Our service is suitable for an unfortunate situation. We use the proper things to clean the home perfectly. We are ready to help people with water damage service in Houston, TX. We provide everything from top to bottom. Clean Air Houston Pro clean up the restore the home with the fine equipment. Our professional experience with the different water damage problem and know the proper way to rectify it.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Houston

24/7 Air Duct Cleaning Service in Houston TX

It is the most important thing among the homeowners. You can ahead of cleaning the dust and debris on a yearly basis. The air duct manages the dust, debris, and dirt every year day. It is mandatory for the homeowners to take care of the air ducts and avoid the dust and debris. Clean Air Houston Pro ensure the state of the art tools and equipment to clean the dust, debris, and contaminants. Our professionals are well-known to clean the dust completely in the air duct. With our effective cleaning process, you can enjoy the ideal and pleasant environment. You can prevent unwanted health issues in your life and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Houston

Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company in Houston TX

You can clean the dryer vent at least once a year. We provide the cleaning and maintenance services for the dryer vent. The dryer vent is clogged due to various reasons. We identify the route of the problem. If the dryer vent is clogged, you can immediately contact the cleaning experts for the dryer. For the immediate services, you can just call us through the toll-free or customer care number. Clean Air Houston Pro Company make the proper inspection of the dryer and then do the services quickly. We use the brush and vacuum through the whole cleaning process. You can feel comfortable to wash clothes.

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Service Available 'round the Clock

It is an important aspect for the people before hiring the air duct cleaning service provider. The dust and debris are accumulated in the air duct system and spread the disease to the people. You can avoid it by taking our services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer the 24/7 availability services to the customer at the cheap prices. We are committed to clean the air ducts with the specialized equipment. Clean Air Houston Pro makes use of the quality equipment for removing the dust, contaminants, and dirt.

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Clean Air Houston Pro helps the customer very much and give the proper services at the right time. We make the process of cleaning the air duct in the home and office area. We are serving the local community and provide perfect support to them. You can enjoy a pleasant living environment with our air duct cleaning services and much more. We do the service in a simple way. Family owned local business and that we work with fixed and fair prices for everyone, we don’t change our price when we get to the house we charge by our job worth not by your house worth!

Fast, Efficient & Professional Work. They did a great job cleaning the duct work and HVAC system at my house . Everyone who works there is very friendly , will definitely hire Clean Air Houston Pro Team again!
Maria Merrell
Maria Merrell
07:18 18 Apr 19
Excellent work, professional guys, friendly and clear about what they are doing. I recommend!
Edison Brunello
Edison Brunello
15:24 15 Apr 19
Ben and his team are absolutely fantastic. I originally called Clean Air Houston Pro as a second opinion as the first company I called talked so fast we had no idea on what was going on and their pricing didn’t add up, but from the moment I called Clean Air Houston, a lady answered the phone and explained without me even asking step by step their process and pricing. There was no confusion at all and this is what honestly made me choose to go with them as I knew exactly what was going on and there were no questions. On the day of our cleaning they showed up and did an inspection with pictures and explained again each step. I really appreciated their honesty and hard work. Would definitely recommend this company.
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis
19:08 20 Mar 19
Recently I had my duct cleaned at my house at Houston. They were prompt, friendly and extremely helpful! My air ducts looked great afterward, and the house smells fabulous! Thanks.
Norah Ayad
Norah Ayad
09:54 28 Sep 18
Ben and his team did a fantastic job on my split system air conditioners. He is a funny guy and we had a pleasant experience dealing with him. Everything is sparkling clean now. Thanks
Samantha Duke
Samantha Duke
08:21 27 Sep 18
The best duct cleaning service I've ever received. They were extremely thorough I'll be using them again in the future. The customer service was amazing. Thanks to the team.
John Alessia
John Alessia
11:17 24 Sep 18
The customer service was excellent. The technicians that cleaned our air ducts were superb! My husband and I were very satisfied with the cleaning. Thank you so much!
Niaomi Edward
Niaomi Edward
13:14 19 Sep 18
Excellent customer service! They really addressed all my concerns, and I was really impressed with the duct cleaning service. Thank You.
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson
11:42 13 Sep 18
Clean air Houston pro had the most honest up front and detailed service when I compared them with my past air duct cleaning experiences. I had my air ducts cleaned for my business in the past with some other companies and there was always some hidden prices for more work and nothing turned out to be what they tell you over the phone, but with the technicians (Daniel, Ben and Luis) that showed up from this company were very friendly and always up front from the minute they showed up and did the inspection through the cleaning and finally at the end with the final walkthrough. They did exactly what the office told me they were going to do for the price they said and that’s a big plus in my book. I recommend these guys highly. Thanks
frenchgirl67 DESIGN • PAINT • BLOG
frenchgirl67 DESIGN • PAINT • BLOG
15:03 30 Jul 18
Daniel, Ben and Luis were the technicians that came to my home. Daniel called first to confirm the appointment and was 30 minutes ahead of schedule, which worked out great. The tech came in and did the initial inspection and they walked me through what the office had already told me. Had a great experience from start to finish. They showed me pictures before and after and always kept an open line of communication with me throughout every step of the cleaning process. They did a very detailed job, taking off every vent and maticulously cleaning each duct. Afterwards they had me do a complete walkthrough to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction and I really appreciated that. I highly recommend clean air Houston pro for your home air duct cleaning service
Sam Sanchez
Sam Sanchez
14:26 30 Jul 18
Very professional and satisfied with the quality of the work.
Syed Fasiuddin
Syed Fasiuddin
22:47 03 Jul 18
We'd highly recommend Clean Air Houston Pro, and especially Ben and Luis as they did a fantastic job cleaning our (very dirty) ducts. We had a horrible experience 4 years ago with another company that came in telling us one price, and by the time they left the cost was astronomical. The ducts never really smelled clean either. With Clean Air Houston Pro, the price they quoted over the phone was the price we paid, even though our ducts were much dirtier than they had anticipated. The guys spent a lot of time making sure the job was done right, and cleaned everything up before they left. Wonderful experience!
Mascha Cooper
Mascha Cooper
20:55 18 Apr 18
Very friendly and polite, arrived early and they did a great job. We can definitely feel a huge difference in our air quality after the recent renovation that we had and needed everything cleaned. Ben and his crew did fantastic job!
Eliza Douglas
Eliza Douglas
20:58 12 Apr 18
Ben and Luis are awesome!!! They arrived shortly after calling to let me know they were headed our way for a full house cleaning. He explained everything to me about the process and what to expect since our carpet was very soiled. They were able to remove the pet stains and leave us with fresh smelling carpet. I would highly recommend them.
Kris Nicole
Kris Nicole
21:55 02 Feb 18
I found out about them through Groupon. Schedule the appt they came in took care of everything. They brought life back into my carpet. Highly recommend them for any of there service's.
brittany melancon
brittany melancon
19:13 27 Nov 17
These Guys are Quick & Efficient!!! Well worth the Price.......
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
17:09 13 Nov 17
YungHeru ThaOccultist
YungHeru ThaOccultist
15:58 30 Jul 17
Gal Elahdif
Gal Elahdif
23:31 12 Jul 17


This company was really great! They did such an amazing job and cleared all my doubts regarding air duct cleaning.  Previously, my dryer was clogged and often troubling us. Actually, they were saved my home from burning down and other issues. Now, I feel like my entire unit is running efficiently and airflow seams better as well.

The cleaners were extremely trained, professional, and knowledgeable so that they explain the process well to us. Your service quality would never be matched with anyone. Hope that you will do the same job again whenever I need your service. Thank you once again!


Wow! You are extremely professional and explain everything in the friendly manner. We cannot able to compare you with any other company. In the past, I have used another cleaning company and they left my home with several issues. I was very frustrated with their service. But, you are amazing and offered top-notch customer service. This was my best experience that I had ever experienced before.

I am very much satisfied with the service, which I received yesterday. Your professional team cleaned my air ducts in an effective way. Most importantly, good pricing and value for the money. I wish to work with this company in the future also. Thank you for your extraordinary cleaning service


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent job. You were amazing and cleaned our whole duct unit in a professional manner.  You are always so professional and accommodating. After your service, I see a big difference in my duct. Your service was so efficient, quick, and friendly as well. Thus, I would surely recommend Clean Air Houston Pro, Houston TX for my friends and neighbors.


When I was searching online for the best duct cleaning company, I found Clean Air Houston Pro, Houston TX. So, I made an online inquiry and emailed back within few hours. Then, I made an appointment with the professionals. They answered all my questions properly and cleared all my doubts in terms of pricing and maintenance

Yesterday, they had cleaned my air ducts. Actually, it took around 5 hours to complete the job. They were extremely professional and skilled and did a fantastic job. I enjoyed excellent customer service before and after the scheduled appointment. I am always glad to engage with this company and highly recommended to others. Thank you!

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Is there any health benefit from HVAC cleaning service

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) cleaning service is to reduce health risks that caused by contaminants. It helps you to stay away from health issues like fungi, bacteria, small dust particle, and HVAC system detects dust and enhances the quality of indoor by using necessary tools. With the best plan, you may get clean dust on air conditioner by experts.

Will duct cleaning minimize energy bill of home?

The duct cleaning services allow you to operate the system with no issues. You might run the system in your convenient way. With the use of sensitive mechanical components, experts remove dust quickly.  It also gives a long lifespan to use the system. It breaks down more amount energy bill for your construction and lives in a dirt free environment. This service is offered for residential and commercial places.

How long does it take to remove dust?

The time duration of the duct cleaning service is based on the size and number of system in the property. It will take various times to clean HVAC system on your home. Now professional cleaners are performing the best job for the house owners. With the increase of contamination, you get professional service from the cleaners. It takes four to six hours to clean dust on medium size of the home. You may also ask the contractor to ensure time for cleaning specific system. If you know time duration of the cleaning service then you might good job from the experts. It gives a good idea of contractor plans.

If I have cleaned ducts, it solves my air quality issues?

Air duct cleaning is not removing issues permanently on your residents, it eliminates current duct. On the scheduled time this service is processed by cleansers by using specific steps. Within your system, they clean debris elegantly. Many surfaces on the home are contributed to some air risks. This service makes you keep your home to be clean and remove air issues circulated in the indoor area. It increases the indoor quality of air by dusting, maintaining upholstery and carpets to be clean and vacuuming.

Who needs duct cleaning service?

It will clean different cooling and heating components on the home which forced by air systems. Experts in the cleaning service are providing different services like returns of grillers, air ducts, heat exchangers, cooling coils, fan motor, diffusers and others.  Majority of people are hiring this service to eliminate allergic reactions in the home.

  • Having pets cause more danger to your house
  • It will be done on the renovation of the resident
  • It is useful if any members of your family with allergies get more benefits from the service
How does HVAC clean?

Cleaners use efficient way of cleaning dirt on some components. With best removal methods cleaning service is performed on the interior surfaces. They place a powerful vacuum to remove debris. The dust will be on the ducts that remove it easily from the resident.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system cause health disease such as Asthma and cause the A/C to work harder and shorten the life of your system. Although filters are used, the heating and cooling system still gets dirty through normal use. When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire. As a result, less energy is used, leading to improved cost-effectiveness.

Let us welcome you into our family, keep you’re lungs clean and you’re A/C system to work better for less!!

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