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This company was really great! They did such an amazing job and cleared all my doubts regarding air duct cleaning.  Previously, my dryer was clogged and often troubling us. Actually, they were saved my home from burning down and other issues. Now, I feel like my entire unit is running efficiently and airflow seams better as well.

The cleaners were extremely trained, professional, and knowledgeable so that they explain the process well to us. Your service quality would never be matched with anyone. Hope that you will do the same job again whenever I need your service. Thank you once again!


Wow! You are extremely professional and explain everything in the friendly manner. We cannot able to compare you with any other company. In the past, I have used another cleaning company and they left my home with several issues. I was very frustrated with their service. But, you are amazing and offered top-notch customer service. This was my best experience that I had ever experienced before.

I am very much satisfied with the service, which I received yesterday. Your professional team cleaned my air ducts in an effective way. Most importantly, good pricing and value for the money. I wish to work with this company in the future also. Thank you for your extraordinary cleaning service


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent job. You were amazing and cleaned our whole duct unit in a professional manner.  You are always so professional and accommodating. After your service, I see a big difference in my duct. Your service was so efficient, quick, and friendly as well. Thus, I would surely recommend Clean Air Houston Pro, Houston TX for my friends and neighbors.


When I was searching online for the best duct cleaning company, I found Clean Air Houston Pro, Houston TX. So, I made an online inquiry and emailed back within few hours. Then, I made an appointment with the professionals. They answered all my questions properly and cleared all my doubts in terms of pricing and maintenance

Yesterday, they had cleaned my air ducts. Actually, it took around 5 hours to complete the job. They were extremely professional and skilled and did a fantastic job. I enjoyed excellent customer service before and after the scheduled appointment. I am always glad to engage with this company and highly recommended to others. Thank you!

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